Maximum Out of Pocket – What’s that?

What does “Maximum out of Pocket” mean? This is a good question that we discuss frequently.  In general, as consumers, we are pretty conditioned to think that there’s always a ‘loophole’ or a ‘catch’ and that there must be exceptions.  Fortunately, with this particular feature of an Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance policy, the answer …

Apr policy maintenance

Generally your health insurance policy doesn’t require any maintenance throughout the year.  As long as premiums are paid, claims are processed and the only changes happen at renewal.  With, that may not be the case. Before we move on to the information below, we need to stress:  THIS IS NOT TAX ADVICE.  This is advice …


Vision Insurance – What do I need to know?

We get a lot of requests for information about vision insurance from individuals and employers.  As your mom always said, you only get one pair of eyes – better take care of them.  When considering the purchase of vision insurance, there are a couple key considerations for individuals and employers. What’s the network? Is my doctor in the …


Dental Insurance – What do I need to know?

We get a lot of requests for information about dental insurance from individuals and employers.  Proper oral hygiene is very important for overall health and dental insurance can play a part in the financial management of dental care.  When considering the purchase of dental insurance, there are a couple of key considerations for individuals and …


Open Enrollment is Over – I Need Coverage!

Open Enrollment for individual coverage started on 11/1/15 and ended on 1/31/16.  If you’re outside of that time and need coverage, you may still be able to get coverage if you have had a qualifying life event.  Here are some examples of qualifying life events. This isn’t a comprehensive list – if you have questions …


Family Deductibles – Updated

You have decided to pick the same plan for your entire family – either directly with the insurance company, through your work, or through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace.  That’s probably a wise decision, but now you’re confronted with the question: ‘How does the family deductible work?’ That’s a very good question, and the short answer is …


Metal Levels – An Easy Guide

Pretty much every health insurance policy that complies with the Affordable Care Act is required to have a designated ‘Metal Level.’  The idea behind these Metal Levels is to make it easier to compare policies between different companies, to make an ‘apples-to-apples comparison.  But what do they mean? It’s simple.  The Metal Level lets you …


2016 Open Enrollment – Let’s Get Ready!

Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2015, with applications due by 12/15/15 for a 1/1/16 coverage start date. The process is pretty simple.  Like anything else, it helps to have the right information when you start.  We suggest that you bring the following to your appointment to apply for coverage. Also important – think about how …


Mind the Gap?

Have you heard about gap insurance?  Curious about what it does?  How does it work? The increase in health insurance premiums, year over year, has led to some pretty creative solutions.  Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are both examples of strategies that seek to raise the deductible for a group plan …



The healthcare landscape is changing.  In an effort to slow cost increases and improve the care that we receive, the industry continues to innovate.  Urgent care centers are a good example – they have sprung up throughout our community as a way for us to receive care without notice, from a doctor, at a lower …