2016 Open Enrollment – Let’s Get Ready!


Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2015 with applications due by 12/15/15 for 1/1/16 coverage start date.

The process is pretty simple.  Like anything else, it helps to have the right information when you start.  We suggest that you bring the following to your appointment to apply for coverage.

  • Address for everyone applying for coverage
  • Social Security Number for everyone in the household
  • Immigration documents (if applicable)
  • Income Information for 2014 (pay stubs or other appropriate documents)
  • An estimate of your household income for 2015
  • Current policy information
  • Insurance card for current policy

Also important – think about how 2016 may compare to 2015.  Do you think your medical bills/needs will be about the same?  Are you anticipating needing more/less care in 2016?  Are you having a baby?  Getting divorced?  What’s on the horizon that could affect your needs.  Talking with your agent about your life changes will really help the plan selection process.

If you have questions about your specific situation, please contact us.

Webb Insurance provides advice and guidance for the purchase of health insurance.  We do not provide tax or legal advice, we never said we did that and we aren’t starting now.  Always consult a qualified tax or legal professional for that sort of thing.