Dental Insurance

Mom always said you only get one set of teeth…you better take care of them.

Dental Insurance can be a tool to make sure that you’re proactively setting up a payment method for your dental care.  Most dental insurance covers routine cleanings on a schedule, typically every 6 months.  In addition, most policies also cover basic restoration work like a filling.  There may be coverage for major work, like a bridge.  Most plans don’t cover orthodontics, although some plans do have coverage for medically necessary orthodontia.

You may be wondering, do my kids need dental insurance?  I thought the Affordable Care Act included pediatric dental coverage.

While the Affordable Care Act mandates that all insurance plans include pediatric dental, the benefit can be quite limited.  Standalone dental coverage may provide better protection in a cost-effective manner.

Important considerations:

  • Does my dentist accept this insurance?
  • If not, can I still see my dentist?
  • Is there an elimination period for any of the benefits?
  • If I have a specific medical condition does it include enhanced features for me?

Dental Insurance can be purchased as part of an employer benefits package or on a standalone (individual) basis.  If you’re in a hurry to purchase individual insurance, here’s a link to help you out.

This isn’t everything to think about, but it’s a start.  Please give us a call at 717.637.3670 or use our contact form to continue our dialog.