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Webb Insurance Services in Harrisburg and Hanover, Pennsylvania

When your company needs financial assistance, Webb Insurance Inc. has the expertise to make the process smooth. We offer multiple types of insurance to make it easy for you to get everything you need out of an insurance plan.

Our experts also offer actuarial assistance to Harrisburg and Hanover, PA clients to help you assess company risks so we can connect you with the best money-saving insurance policy for your company.

Packages to Suit Your Employees’ Needs

We provide various group insurance plans, so whether you’re part of a small business or a large corporation, you can find the right group insurance packages for you.

We work with your human resources department so that every penny is well spent in securing the best quality insurance packages for employees and their families. We have multiple plan options, including:

  • FSA and HRA coverage at reduced or no additional cost
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at reduced or no additional cost
  • COBRA continuation health coverage at reduced or no additional cost
  • “Mini-med” or limited benefit plans
  • Health insurance risk-sharing plans
  • Retirement plans

Once you decide on a plan that works for your company, we will follow through and communicate with your employees. We also offer wellness program design and implementation with a bimonthly newsletter and worksite products to complement high-deductible plans.

Helping You Comply with Federal Laws

We’ll help you comply with government standards by resolving problems with carriers and helping you fill out government forms.

We’ll ensure you are meeting protocol with ERISA, help you fill out Form 5500, and assist you with FSA and HRA compliance documents.

To meet your needs, our consulting services can be commission or fee-based.

Our regional offices serve South Central Pennsylvania. For your convenience, we offer open enrollment electronically.

If you’re looking for financial advisement or actuarial assistance in Hanover, PA, we would be happy to discuss your needs and goals.

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