How Do I Control the Cost of My Care?


Sometimes when we need care it’s because of an emergency.  In those situations, we always advise seeking care immediately.

Fortunately, most of our health care is likely needed in a non-emergency situation.  It’s those times that we can work to make a good decision for our budget as well as our health.  There are several ways that we can manage our health care to get the care we need at the most appropriate cost.  The list below is a few ideas, it’s not meant to be considered exhaustive, but we think it’s a good place to start.

  • Get care before the problem gets bigger.  Waiting could mean that a small problem turns into a big one.
  • Shop around.  Check with several providers to get an estimate of the cost for a procedure.
  • Check with your health insurance company – they may be able to give you feedback on the best place to go.  In addition, many health insurers have tools to estimate the cost of care that can be very useful.
  • Ask about alternatives.  Is there a generic that’s become available?  Could another procedure work at a lower price?
  • Talk with your doctor – be open and honest about the budget considerations.
  • Understand your plan – if there is a different benefit level between providers, seek out care at the benefit level that minimizes your out of pocket cost.
  • Be creative – tele-medicine is growing quickly and may be a good fit for minor issues.

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