What other benefits can I offer?

Group health insurance is a popular benefit.  If prospective employees are considering competing opportunities, the health insurance offered can definitely be a deciding factor.  While group health insurance is a great way to distinguish your company in the job market, it isn’t the only tool at your disposal.  If you currently have a health plan, or if you don’t, there are other benefits that current and prospective employees find highly desirable as well.

  • Group Life Insurance – Employees are able to obtain life insurance through the group plan.  If they apply during open enrollment there is generally no underwriting.
  • Group Short-Term Disability – Employees are able to obtain short-term disability insurance for disabilities that restrict their ability to work.
  • Group Long-Term Disability – Employees may encounter a long-term condition that prevents them from working. ┬áLong Term Disability insurance provides peace of mind for their future income.
  • Group Dental – Insurance that can provide coverage for preventative, basic, and advanced dental care.
  • Group Vision – Coverage for exams, frames, lenses, and contact lenses.

All of these benefits can be offered as employer-sponsored plans or voluntary plans.

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