Metal Levels – An Easy Guide


Pretty much every health insurance policy that complies with the Affordable Care Act is required to have a designated ‘Metal Level.’  The idea behind these Metal Levels is to make it easier to compare policies between different companies, to make an ‘apples to apples’ comparison.  But what do they mean?

It’s simple.  The Metal Level lets you know what, on average, the cost sharing is for that plan.

Bronze – 60% of medical care paid by the insurer, 40% paid by the individual

Silver – 70% of medical care paid by the insurer, 30% paid by the individual

Gold – 80% of medical care paid by the insurer, 20% paid by the individual

Platinum – 90% of medical care paid by the insurer, 10% paid by the individual

Important Reminder:  These cost sharing estimates are known as the Actuarial Value of the plan.  They are indications of cost sharing for a standard population of individuals on the plan, they do not indicate what the specific cost sharing is for any one individual.

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