What are the Essential Health Benefits?


Every health insurance plan has to provide coverage for the Essential Health Benefits.  Not every health insurance plan has to provide the same level of coverage for the Essential Health Benefits (EHB).  We believe that it’s helpful to understand what  the EHB are – it level sets across policies when you’re making a comparison.

Essential Health Benefits:

  1. Outpatient Care – Medical care outside the hospital
  2. Emergency Room Care
  3. Inpatient Care – Medical care when you’re an admitted hospital patient
  4. Maternity Care – While pregnant and after giving birth
  5. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care
  6. Prescription Drugs
  7. Therapy including Physical and Occupational
  8. Lab Tests
  9. Preventive Services
  10. Pediatric – includes dental and vision

Remember, not every plan has the same coverage for these services, but every plan has to provide some level of coverage for these services.

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