Dental Insurance – What do I need to know?


We get a lot of requests for information about dental insurance from individuals and employers.  Proper oral hygiene is very important for overall health and dental insurance can play a part in the financial management of dental care.  When considering the purchase of dental insurance, there are a couple key considerations for individuals and employers.

  • What’s the network?
  • Is my dentist in the network?
  • What happens if I go to an out of network dentist?
  • Are there waiting periods?
  • What’s my deductible?
  • What’s the maximum benefit?
  • What is covered?
  • What is excluded from the policy?

The Affordable Care Act does mandate pediatric dental and vision coverage as a component of most health insurance policies.  Prior to purchasing additional coverage for children we recommend investigating the coverage that may be built into your existing health coverage for them.

This blog post isn’t meant to be all encompassing for dental insurance, just a couple highlights to consider.  Talk with a competent professional, like a Webb Insurance agent, to learn more.

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Webb Insurance provides advice and guidance for the purchase of health insurance.  We do not provide tax or legal advice, we never said we did that and we aren’t starting now.  Always consult a qualified tax or legal professional for that sort of thing.