Individual Coverage 2

Individual Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had a tremendous impact on the individual health insurance market. By creating a national standard for health insurance underwriting, as well as a national individual open enrollment period, the ACA has made access to individual coverage more available. Hand in hand with that access come complications where an agent can be of significant value.

A couple of items to consider:

  • National Open Enrollment runs 11/15/14 – 2/15/15
  • Working with an agent doesn’t change your cost – the premium is the same with an agent or dealing directly with the insurance company
  • Every health plan must contain the same Essential Health Benefits with some amount of coverage
  • Plans are organized by metal level
  • Individual policies are guaranteed issue – no medical underwriting
  • The policy year is a calendar year – deductibles reset January 1st
  • Understand and harness the Premium Tax Credit/Cost Reduction if they apply to you

For some more thoughts on open enrollment, check out our blog.
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